Wednesday 11 July 2012

CNA Certification Will Help You Get a Decent Job As a Nurse

The job of a CNA is a very decent job. As a nursing assistant you have to take care of the patients. There are many positive points and very good opportunities in this field. Firstly nursing jobs are always available in plenty and this status will continue till life exists on earth. 

Secondly besides being a certified nursing assistant you can also progress in this field and get promoted to different higher posts like LPN (licensed practical nurse) and an RN (registered nurse). And thirdly the salary structure of nurses are also very good and apart from salary the nurses also get incentives, bonuses, health insurances depending on the health care they are working in. Because of all these reasons, CNA certification job is known as a very decent job.

Getting this decent job requires a bit of hard work as well. Hard work here means passing out a certified nursing assistant examination. This examination is compulsory for all states to get a job of a nurse. The CNA certification requirements are that you should have completed 18 years of age and must have completed your schooling diploma (more details). If you have both these eligibility criteria then you can seek admission in any of the nursing schools or health aids which conduct this nursing course. This course may vary from 10 to 12 weeks. The certification may vary from state to state so you need to be updated about it.

The next step is to complete the CNA certification verification. This includes a background verification conducted to check your records. This verification includes checking of your citizenship, your criminal records and other background checks.
After completing all these steps, prepare an excellent professional resume and attend interviews at various health centers like hospitals, nursing homes, home health cares etc. CNA certification resumes though are only needed during an interview, it is very important to get a good job in a good hospital. 
So in the end all this hard work gives you sweet fruits of success when you get the job of a CNA. And then slowly and gradually along with experience you can try for your promotion and get posted for a designation of an LPN and then a nurse.

Tuesday 26 June 2012

CNA Certification Terms of Participation

A certified nursing assistant is an important part of the health care system. It’s difficult for any health care service provider to do without the services of quality certified nurse aides. A CNA usually works in a team of doctors and registered nurse and carries out the responsibilities as assigned by the concerned doctor. As the population grows so does the need for modern and state of the art health care and medical facilities in order to provide the masses with effective health care solutions across all ages.

If you have the motivation and the compassion to serve the ailing and bring about a positive change in their lives you should go ahead with your decision. You should make sure that you meet certain criteria so as to get admission in the CNA certification courses which moulds you into a meticulous certified nurse aide.

These requirements vary from state to state. While some require you to be at least 16 years old at the time of applying and have a high school or a GED to your credit, some other require that you must not be less than 18 years in age and should have passed basic comprehension and math skills test. This is the basic qualification required for one to get admission in the state approved CNA training program. After the successful completion of the program you have sit for the final assessment test which is split into a written and a practical part. You have got to clear both the hurdles to pass the test.

Besides this you need go through a comprehensive CNA certification verification like checks for any past criminal records or offense committed. For more details about verification visit - ecnacertification. You will also have to submit a recent vaccination report which should confirm that you have good health condition and don’t pose any health threat to the patients you will be attending to.

You can now prepare a CNA resume citing your skills and expertise and apply for that elusive job with the company you have always dreamt of working for. So, go ahead and live your dream and have a successful career.

Tuesday 12 June 2012

5 Surefire Ways to Lose Your Job, CNAs

The job of a certified nursing assistant needs great attention and carries important responsibilities on their shoulders. For a CNA certification job, it is mandatory to possess a nursing aide certification, thereby passing the CNA certification exam from any of the renowned university. 

There are various medical institutes that provide free CNA programs for those individuals who are interested in this field but cannot afford it. The importance of CNA training lies in strengthening the skills in order to take care of the patients in an effective manner. Remember that being a nursing assistant, you have to be very careful and a single mistake can lead to termination of your job. The factors that can lead to termination of the job are as follows:
  • Neglect your responsibilities- As a CNA; you need to be attentive to details. But if you are neglecting your job responsibilities, then strict action would be taken against you and you can even lose your job.
  • Drunk on duty- If any of the employees is found to be in the state of drunk on duty, then they are immediately fired, as per the norms and policy of the organization.
  • Use of abusive languages- If any complains of using abusive language with the patients or any staff members come, then the person can lose their job on the spot.
  • Ignore the calls- A CNA is also responsible for attending the telephone calls and make the appointments. If they do not pick the call or ignore the calls, then also it can lead them to trouble.
  • Providing wrong drug- If any of the nursing staff is found giving wrong medicines or a drug to the patient, then on spot termination is for sure.
Keep the above points in mind before going for a career as a certified nursing assistant.

Friday 18 May 2012

Free Nursing Assistant Programs

Nursing is one of the most demanding careers in the healthcare services. It is not that tough to complete nursing aide program. Since there is a scarcity of doctors and nurses in the health care industry therefore there is a huge demand of CNA’s. The demand for CNA’s is expected to rise every year. There is lot of employees in the medical health care centers who retires every year and their gaps are required to be filled to take care of the critical situation.

Free Nursing Assistant Programs

If you have any financial crisis and if you are not capable of paying nursing fees, you don’t have to worry at all. You can try looking for free CNA courses which are easily available to become a certified nursing assistant. There are many recognized hospitals which offer scholarship to the eligible candidates and get your certification. You can easily get the free home health aide training and state license if you agree to join the hospital who have sponsored your scholarship. This deal is beneficial from both the side, firstly you will become a certified nurse assistant and secondly you will be employed in the same hospital. More issues related nursing aide programs - visit here

There are many cases where you will find many recognized hospitals having contacts with many health clinics, nursing homes and local community colleges. They send the eligible students for certified nurse aide course for free. This is very advantageous especially for health care centers that are in constant need of fresh nursing assistant candidates. CNA’s are usually paid less compared to registered nurses; due to this CNA’s are hired more.

If you wish to pursue your CNA and due to financial crunches you are not able to sign up, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Financial aid is provided to the candidates by many hospitals and nursing homes.

Monday 7 May 2012

How to Pass the CNA Certification Test

CNA certification test needs a lot of patience, practice and in-depth knowledge of the domain. The main aim of CNA certification is to provide the best possible services to the patients, as they monitor the overall development and progress. The nursing aide certification classes are meant for developing the interpersonal skills for delivering the services to the patients. Let us have a look at some of the tips for passing the nursing assistant certification exam :
  • Be relaxed and do not get stressed before entering the examination hall. Make sure that you have reviewed everything that is in your course thoroughly.
  • Read the question carefully and do not panic if you do not know the answer. Also, avoid being over-confident after seeing the question. Usually people make mistakes in answering easy questions, as they are in a hurry.

  • While answering the question paper, divide the sections into different time slots and always keep the last 10-15 minutes for revising the paper.
  • Make sure that your approach in writing the answer is perfect. Do not just write irrelevant stuff, just to fill the paper.
  • It is recommended to have a good sleep the night before your examination, so that you would feel comfortable and fresh during your exams
Along with these CNA certification preparation tips, there are several other ways that can be applied for passing the CNA certification test. If you want to know more about it in details, you can research it well on the website and gather the required information.

Thursday 12 April 2012

Importance of CNA Training and CNA Certification

The job of a CNA is considered to be one of the highly ranked jobs in the field of healthcare. Certified nursing assistants have numerous advantages over other career options and for all good reasons.

The job of a nursing is to take care of the patient's basic needs like assisting them in walking; helping them in doing their daily courses, and so on. They are also responsible for checking the vital signs of the patients and assist the nurses and the doctors with medical equipments and operations. They also have to maintain the records of the patients relating to the behavior and improvement in the health. The CNAs also provide social and emotional support to the patients.

For becoming a nursing assistant you need to undergo certified nurse training, complete it and pass the CNA certification exam to get certified by the State Board of Nursing. You can go to colleges or pursue your nursing aide training through nursing certification online classes. Free training is also a great option for those individuals who are unemployed or cannot afford the paid nursing aide training.

The duration of the certified nursing course varies from state to state. It may last for 6-12 weeks. The home health aide course includes health education, nursing ethics, medical terminologies, patient care and safety, handling hazardous equipments and so on.

After completing both the theory and practical training you are required to pass the CNA certification exam in order to work as a nursing assistant. To get the certificate, you need to submit the required documents for certification verification. You will come to know about these when you submit your CNA certification application to the state board. Your  personal care workers certificate would open doors to new career opportunities in Charlotte & Orlando etc. It increases your chances of getting hired by top medical employers who wish to put their organization in the list of most well known medical centers. The certification makes you stand apart from your competitors.

But your CNA certificate needs to be renewed from time to time, since it is valid only upto two years after you earn it. So, in order to be able to continue working as a home health aide, you will have to renew your license by following the CNA certification renewal procedure.

Having a certification will prove your ability to do your job and make you more desirable to your employer, you may want work with.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

What is CNA certification?

To become a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is a very good option for the people who are looking for job during this down economy. Such a position requires little education and capital to get started. Those interested in becoming a nursing aide just need to follow some simple steps, which are discussed below.
Nurse aide certification involves training and qualification exams which prepares a person for duties required in a long term health care facility. Training is always made up of both classroom instructions, which may take place in-person or online and hands-on clinical experience in a long-term care facility setting.

To become a certified nursing assistant, you need to enroll in a nurse aide certification online course or full time program. You will require a high school diploma or GED in order to take CNA nursing certification program. The time duration for the CNA certification exam depends on the certification program you have chosen. nursing classes are offered at community colleges, hospitals, and nursing homes. Certification exam prep guide is also available to help students pass the certification online test.

Near the completion of the nursing assistant program, students need to study and take the certification test. This test contains a written and a practical part. Written exam is based on what was learned during the lecture part of the CNA Training, whereas the practical part is based on what a student learned doing clinical. Students have to pass both parts of the tests in order to obtain a certificate.
The CNA exams could vary from state to state. Hence, it is best for students to find the specific standards that apply to their states, since those specific states will be giving them their nursing assistant certifications. 

After clearing the certification exam, one has to submit the certification application in order to get the certificate. After CNA certification verification, a candidate’s certificate is issued. This will mark the certified nursing assistant’s career path. This certificate comes with an expiry date. The nurse receives a letter about the same a few weeks before certification renewal. Once this letter is received, the nurse has to apply for CNA recertification by completing the hospital assistant certification requirements and procedures.
Nursing certification represents a commitment to the leading edge in health-care standards. It indicates to patients, employers, the public and professional licensing bodies that you are qualified, competent and current in the area of nursing practice.

Because there will always be a need for skilled nursing assistants, you can rest assured that your services will be in high demand for years to come. For more issues visit here -