Thursday 12 April 2012

Importance of CNA Training and CNA Certification

The job of a CNA is considered to be one of the highly ranked jobs in the field of healthcare. Certified nursing assistants have numerous advantages over other career options and for all good reasons.

The job of a nursing is to take care of the patient's basic needs like assisting them in walking; helping them in doing their daily courses, and so on. They are also responsible for checking the vital signs of the patients and assist the nurses and the doctors with medical equipments and operations. They also have to maintain the records of the patients relating to the behavior and improvement in the health. The CNAs also provide social and emotional support to the patients.

For becoming a nursing assistant you need to undergo certified nurse training, complete it and pass the CNA certification exam to get certified by the State Board of Nursing. You can go to colleges or pursue your nursing aide training through nursing certification online classes. Free training is also a great option for those individuals who are unemployed or cannot afford the paid nursing aide training.

The duration of the certified nursing course varies from state to state. It may last for 6-12 weeks. The home health aide course includes health education, nursing ethics, medical terminologies, patient care and safety, handling hazardous equipments and so on.

After completing both the theory and practical training you are required to pass the CNA certification exam in order to work as a nursing assistant. To get the certificate, you need to submit the required documents for certification verification. You will come to know about these when you submit your CNA certification application to the state board. Your  personal care workers certificate would open doors to new career opportunities in Charlotte & Orlando etc. It increases your chances of getting hired by top medical employers who wish to put their organization in the list of most well known medical centers. The certification makes you stand apart from your competitors.

But your CNA certificate needs to be renewed from time to time, since it is valid only upto two years after you earn it. So, in order to be able to continue working as a home health aide, you will have to renew your license by following the CNA certification renewal procedure.

Having a certification will prove your ability to do your job and make you more desirable to your employer, you may want work with.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

What is CNA certification?

To become a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is a very good option for the people who are looking for job during this down economy. Such a position requires little education and capital to get started. Those interested in becoming a nursing aide just need to follow some simple steps, which are discussed below.
Nurse aide certification involves training and qualification exams which prepares a person for duties required in a long term health care facility. Training is always made up of both classroom instructions, which may take place in-person or online and hands-on clinical experience in a long-term care facility setting.

To become a certified nursing assistant, you need to enroll in a nurse aide certification online course or full time program. You will require a high school diploma or GED in order to take CNA nursing certification program. The time duration for the CNA certification exam depends on the certification program you have chosen. nursing classes are offered at community colleges, hospitals, and nursing homes. Certification exam prep guide is also available to help students pass the certification online test.

Near the completion of the nursing assistant program, students need to study and take the certification test. This test contains a written and a practical part. Written exam is based on what was learned during the lecture part of the CNA Training, whereas the practical part is based on what a student learned doing clinical. Students have to pass both parts of the tests in order to obtain a certificate.
The CNA exams could vary from state to state. Hence, it is best for students to find the specific standards that apply to their states, since those specific states will be giving them their nursing assistant certifications. 

After clearing the certification exam, one has to submit the certification application in order to get the certificate. After CNA certification verification, a candidate’s certificate is issued. This will mark the certified nursing assistant’s career path. This certificate comes with an expiry date. The nurse receives a letter about the same a few weeks before certification renewal. Once this letter is received, the nurse has to apply for CNA recertification by completing the hospital assistant certification requirements and procedures.
Nursing certification represents a commitment to the leading edge in health-care standards. It indicates to patients, employers, the public and professional licensing bodies that you are qualified, competent and current in the area of nursing practice.

Because there will always be a need for skilled nursing assistants, you can rest assured that your services will be in high demand for years to come. For more issues visit here -